7 Weeks of Living Out Loud

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amplify Your Faith?


As a musician, especially one who is actively serving the Church, it seems like my "to-do" list is never ending.  I'm busy.  Time is precious.  

However, as I move deeper into my walk with Christ and deeper into serving his Church, I've developed a greater understanding of how necessary it is to stay connected with God amidst the chaos of life.

Devotionals have always given me a structured way to incorporate prayer and scripture reading into my daily life.  

My devotional "Amplified: 7 Weeks of Living Out Loud" was born from my experiences witnessing the relationship between prayer and action.  My experience has revealed to me that these things are both inspired by and a result of God's love.  I wrote this book to dive deeper into this revelation.

I want to personally invite you to journey with me for 7 weeks as you explore the stories, scriptures, prayers, and reflections that inspired the songs on the "Amplified" album.

My hope is that this devotional helps take your prayer life to the next level and encourages you to pursue a more personal encounter with Jesus Christ.




What Others Are Saying

"Mathias has the rare combination of being a gifted musician, singer, songwriter, and creative artist from an early age.  He continues to share these gifts with his new CD accompanied by a daily devotional, "Amplified: 7 Weeks of Living Out Loud."  In it we are given a glimpse into the mind and heart of an artist who loves the Lord and invites others into growing in that love that surpasses all understanding.  His reflections have a simplicity and humility that lead our hearts to sing praises for God's goodness to us.  As Josef Pieper reminds us, 'Only the lover sings.'  May these reflections lead your heart to sing out-loud in praise to Him,"
-Fr Brian Nolan, Campus Chaplain, Mount St. Mary's University/Archdiocese of Baltimore
"Mathias is a gem and gift to the young Church.  His devotional integrates his lyrics with personal reflection and scripture to encourage us to go deeper in our faith.  Quick daily readings to refresh our soul.  Mathias' honesty and spiritual insights are refreshing and challenging.
Besides being a gifted musician, Mathias is a mature Christian.  His spiritual insights and love for God are evident in his lyrics and how he leads worship." 
-Steve Walker, Co-Founder/CEO, Catholic Heart Work Camp